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2013-2014 I painted flowers each day in a year.  All the flowers picked in Copenhagen, Nørrebro. It turned into 365 oil paintings Each 12x18 cm. Oil on canvas.


May 2013 I set out to make a dogma project. To immerse myself in repetition and slowness, and paint something I had prejudices against: FLOWER PAINTINGS. One a day for a year. None purchased. All picked as small bouquets from Copenhagen, where I live.

One of the 365 flowers was a rose. This was converted to silkscreen for one of Reuss' guitarpedals. The EWIL TWIN PEDAL.





























THE KNITCLUB, 2013-2015
A weekly art workshop with asylum seeking women in
Trampoline House, (a volunteer-run community center that offers legal counseling, activities, and community to asylum seekers, rejected asylum seekers, and refugees with residence permits in Denmark), became a socio-economic art factory in collaboration with Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus. We did make a performance with our COMMON SCARF around the neck of THE LITTLE MERMAID sculpture in Nyhavn to draw attention to women's rights and global equality and community.
In continuation of this, I was asked to design a viking scarf for Moesgaard Museum in an edition of 50.000.
In the design I knitted the Thors Hammer, the rune 'Othala',('Heritage', this rune signifies the inheritance by the whole of humanity of the planet itself, the restoration of the planet to its harmonious and sustainable state, and the inherent responsibilities thereof.) The sign of the sun and a raven, who is pictured on
the raven banner from the old vikings. The Raven Banner is also named 'Danibrók', which means 'Clothes of the Danes'.


 My artpiece 'Blood is just blood or? ' exhibited at Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition. CPH - 2007.  The work is a handwritten text with the title "blood is just blood or?" ( danish: blod er vel blod? ) which is a true story about a guy who freaks out over my menstrual blood on his sheet, where shortly before he has flirted with me with bloody S/M sex. Menstrual blood is not okay - but blood in a completely different way is apparently ok? You can read the text here in English translation:

(The piece was sold to a woman together with a silverplated tampon).


I hang out with a guy from the art academy in San Francisco. He uses his charm to excuse his laziness at the studio. Like me, he's a bit of a sloppy draftsman. Instead of getting really engaged into the shadows on the model's body, he draws the girl with loose pen doodles, and the teacher thinks he's brilliant and that the doodles have "volume".

One evening we hang out at a bar in 'The mission'. We drink rum and get silly and goofy. We go home together to his apartment to wallow in vodka and sex, and we get more and more crooked and crazy.

He asks me if I like S/M, and I say that I am open to suggestions. He picks up a very scary and strange looking metal stand with a killer hook in the side. "It's something from a piece of furniture!" he says with a crooked smile and begins to awkwardly rub the thing against me, playing with the idea of thrusting this monstrosity into me. "Whew!" I think what a lot of blood it will produce. We are naked and roll around on his bed. I guess I'm a little startled by the sight of the hook and suddenly discover stains of blood on the white sheet.Oh! My period has started. The guy turns pale when he sees my blood. "What the hell are you doing?" Now look at how you've ruined the sheet, and hey, it's gone all through the box mattress!" he screams.

"Relax!" I say, it's just blood!"

"Are you crazy, this is my friend's bed, he's going crazy!"

"Hey, it's okay, we can wash it!" I say, but he's completely buttoned up. He throws me out of bed, still holding the metal thing in one hand. Then he examines the bed for blood cells. Ordering me into my clothes and out the door. There I stand now, stunned at four in the morning with no sense of place. Confused by a man's strange relationship with a woman's cunt. Blood is blood, or?


2023  Participant with many other great performers in HOTEL PROFORMA'S PERFORMANCE 'ELECTRICITY'

Experimental artwork about how man in the 19th century tried to understand and control the phenomenon of electricity – a story about how electricity was developed and tamed, about how it changed people, our culture, and the world, and today has the greatest impact on how to remedy global climate change.

Electricity was staged in the collection Danish and Nordic Art 1750-1900 at the National Gallery of Denmark, SMK.


Jon R. Skulberg and me at our scene at The National Gallery, SMK.  A doctor and a patient doing electro-therapy in a constant role-changing loop, Reciting lyrics from a 19th century book on electronics.. Foto: Christoffer Askman.

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