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Photo: Idoart


Woodcut with CLIMATE-MARIO - KE-21 This piece of art with a row of my woodcuts was included in the Artists' Autumn Exhibition (KE) which is an annual censored exhibition for contemporary art, taking place in Copenhagen.  "Climate Mario" has been multiplied by 9, to reinforce the message. Mario is a character from a computer game, i.a. with competition races and fast cars. Here, as a contrast, carved out of birch wood and printed slowly by hand on paper. Mario also needs to live sustainably. Here he is with his brother Luigi for "The World Naked Bike Ride", a protest against the oil and car-dependent lifestyle, as well as the celebration of body positivity. Windmills and sunsets can be seen in the horizon. There were many comments and questions about Climate - Mario and the number of prints, which despite different sunsets, was  with the exact same motive. Was Climate - Mario stucked in a Loop? Was climate activism hopeless, with too much climate talk and too little action among politicians and the masses? Climate Mario is optimistic! More climate-friendly power and more hope!

Short movies about art and processes

(in danish)



For the exhibition "Ive got sunshine in my pocket" I painted i.a. "Crane1 and Crane2". The crane is Japan's national bird and a symbol of happiness. It is also one of the oldest described folding figures and is the epitome of Japanese traditional origami. A Japanese legend tells that the one who folds 1000 cranes, gets a wish fulfilled, typically for a long life or to get well. It is also a symbol of vigilance (Lat. Vigilantia). A legend, told by Aristotle, tells that the crane at rest takes a stone in the claw or in the mouth, so that it immediately wakes up if it falls.

In early spring, the beautiful, gray birds, with the Latin name "grus grus" fly from their winter stay in the south towards the breeding grounds in the north. It has given name to the expression "jumping crane" in Sweden: When the cranes pull across the sky, it is an old tradition to throw all your clothes and run once around the house naked to mark that now spring and the propagation of everything begins.

Let us all take care of each other and be vigilant in this wild time!

trane 2.jpeg

Crane 2 - 2020 acrylic, spray, oilstick on cnavas


Crane 1, 2020, acrylic, oil on canvas


Ørestad Nursing Home, profile center for art and culture invited me autumn of 2019 to do an art project. Based on conversations with the residents, I had to paint 20 paintings for their 7 floor staircase. In addition, I had to facilitate the residents own process of painting their own prints on small canvases.

I knew several of the residents after teaching art at the care center.

LIFE IMPRINTS ON THE STAIRS are supported by the Statens kunstfond, Art in The Public Space and the Municipality of Copenhagen.

The movie is produced by PERLEFILM.

Dokumentary about the artproject "LIFE IMPRINTS"

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