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"Shiver in the Church" , Literaturhaus, and Koncertkirken, Copenhagen.  Cross-aestetic art event.

The artist group Drøm & Co. arranges cultural events with the vision of raising common awareness. ​ GYS IN THE KIRKEN ( Shiver in the church ) were 5 annual events on the subject of DEATH, held in Literaturhaus and Koncertkirken, Copenhagen. Cross-aesthetic events with cross-cultural collaboration, which should illuminate DEATH positively from the angle of different cultures and countries. A multimedia event with writers, artists, dancers, performers, animation, light and sound art. A gravedigger, an undertaker, a priest, an imam, a Buddhist, a Greenlandic shaman, a Nordic and Mexican anthropologist and many more participants. We collaborated, among others, with Kulturscentret Assistens, the homeless's organisation 'Hus forbi' and Ckultura. Participating authors/artists include: Suzanne Brøgger, Leonora Christine Skov, Jeppe Brixvold, Rasmus Daugbjerg, Nicolaj Stockhholm, Kim Fupz, Ursula Andkjær Olsen, VIgga Bro, Svend Åge Madsen, Halfdan Pisket, Klaus Æ. Mortensen, Jimbut, Ditte Steensballe, Kirstyn MCDermott etc.

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