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I am a multi-artist. It might be difficult to pigeonhole a multi-artist. It may seems like I am all over the place, doing everything all at once, in all directions. But there is a common thread in everything I do. I work only with one main project at a time. Often I work with the same subject with different medias. One media inspires the others. I like to experiment and work with themes that hover in our collective consciousness.


I am curious about expanding and exploring boundaries and it drives me in my artistic work. What can be created that we thought  impossible? Can you put things or people together, where there is distance, prejudices or resistance? Can classic topics be painted in new ways? As an example I did arrange a danish priest, imam and a buddhist in an art event about death, to debate about 'love', 'violence' and 'life after death'. I seek to explore my own limits of consciousness, shadowsides and old traumas, personal as well as common.


As an artist-activist, I have volunteered for several years at Trampolinhuset, where I was the initiator of a knitting artworkshop for asylum seekers. Here we created street art and a socio-economic enterprise in collaboration with Moesgaard museum. I have worked with art in public spaces, in social housing, on murals and in institutions like Ørestad nursing home, who did include collaboration with the residents.

I enjoy this process of collaborating with the users of spaces where art can make a difference.

I like the challenge to make art in public spaces, where people come from many cultural backgrounds and represents diversity.


I seek the work to be as open as I can make it, so everyone can step into the art and experience from their point of view.I like new ways of living and thinking and topics such as cooperation, equality, inclusion, climate awareness, psyche- and animal welfare are themes that occupy me in my visual artistic work.

I seek artistic freedom to experiment and explore new undiscovered fields.

I work mainly with visual art and as a composer and writer.


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